XYONMAP International

XYONMAP International is a Danish company founded in 2007 that provides goods and people global tracking solutions. They have offices in Denmark and recently in Morocco.

The challenge for me working on this website was the amount of information of different kind. So the goal was to be able to clearly show it to the user while keeping the design attractive, because at the end, the user (customer) has to be appealed by the website to make a purchase (in this case, contact the company).

The website is built on WordPress. The live version is available at : http://www.xyonmap.com (soon).


Home Page :



Other pages :

You can have a look at the other pages directly at the live website : http://www.xyonmap.com (soon).


Animations :

While making sure that the static design is great, I wanted to add a small touch or detail that will make the experience great. That’s why I took time to make great animations through all the website.

Here are some examples :


Animation – on hover


Animation – Nav bar- on scroll

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My name is Amine Zafri, I’m a product designer & web developer from Morocco. I worked previously at Facebook in London as a Product Design Intern, and I recently designed & helped build… more

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