Two Interfaces, One Future | The Future Of Computers and Mobile Phones User Interface – Part II

This post is part of an old unmaintained blog called Technology isn’t perfect.

What if your Phone replaces your PC?

I know many people will definitely say “no!!!”, without taking any time to think about it, and those people are programmers, designers, geeks… They need powerful computers and they’ll with no doubt shift their cool i7 computers with “simple” mobile phones :P.   As we see, smart phones are being more and more powerful and tasks like text editing, email, web browsing… – which are the most used activities- are as cool to use in the phone as in the PC. Except the fact that using a real keyboard to write is more comfortable ;) . So the solution would be to create a kind of dock for mobiles that makes it possible to connect to a set of display screen, mouse and keyboard. This solution is most likely to be possible. In deed, many concepts present this kind of technology: Mozilla SeabirdMicrosoft Mobile Surface.

But let’s think about it. 

This solution is easy to be done, even now, no need to see it as a “futuristic” thing. Most phones have a video output and a simple Bluetooth connection can be used to connect to the keyboard & the mouse. But there is a problem -of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have written this article :D. It’s all about the interface, IT’S NOT READY YET FOR BIG SCREENS!! (See Part I ). We can say that Android is the one who can be used now for this purpose because it has a desktop, icons, and folders…  But still, it’s not perfect. Using it with a mouse will not be so cool unless we change some things to adapt it to the mouse use that the user can have a rich user-experience.
And this is another reason why we should create a new interface for mobile phones as well as computers, an interface that combines both touch and cursor usage (see part I).

I’ll soon publish a mockup of how could this dock look like. You can do it too, just publish a link to your mockup in the Facebook page: [Technology Isn’t Perfect], I’ll publish some of yours on the blog :).

Don’t forget that this kind of articles are just to make us think, to create a little light on our minds that shows us many things we can do and that we should never stay limited by what we see, because :              

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
-Alan Kay


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