Love4Syria is a public affairs campaign aimed at increasing awareness about the current humanitarian crisis in Syria and highlights its effect on the most vulnerable populations: women and children. A main objective of this website is to provide concerned people a way to easily identify trustworthy, credible and well-vetted US based organizations working hard to alleviate suffering of Syria and her people to support.

The goal I had in mind when designing Love4Syria, was to tell a story based on the data and numbers we had, so that people know what is the real situation in Syria and are willing to help and donate to support the people in need.

The website had also to feature a music video, and that’s what pushed me to use a video as a header background (featuring a small clip from the original video), which will also contribute to the overall story.

The website has had a few changes since it was made live,  see it in action at :




Donation page :

The website serves as an aggregator of organizations helping Syria + a “Buy 4 Syria” part for artists willing to sell their works in order to donate that money to an organization.

We used hashtags to help people find the org. they want to donate to :




And here is what the Buy4Syria part looks like :


Love4Syria – Buy4Syria – Popup : Buy an item (Normal + Responsive)



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