Donut is a Web and Android app inspired by OmniFocus, that helps people collect and organize their tasks.

My work on Donut was on the design of the Android app (which was my first mobile app design project) + the design & dev. of the Chrome extension, that allows people to automatically collect all kind of information (dates, phone numbers, amazon links,..etc.) from their emails in Gmail, and add them as tasks to their Donut.

Android :

At the time of designing Donut, Google now had just launched and I was amazed by its design. So I tried to make a Googley header background, which eventually didn’t make it to the final design of the app – for obvious reasons :) .

Project View

The Project view has evolved through many iterations — due to its complexity (Folder/Project/Sub Folder/Sub Project..etc.) :

Project view – Iteration 1



Project view – Iteration 2




New task — Compose screen :



Other screens :

New version of the App – Forecast Screen


Anatomy of a Task :

The Task design also went through many iterations :


Chrome Extension :

Sign in process :

Once the Donut extension installed, and when it’s being used for the first time, a popup appears that helps people sign in :


Donut Extension – Sign in


Donut Extension – Sign in – Authorize Gmail


Donut Extension – Sign in – How to use Donut


Gmail :

These previews represent how the Chrome Extension works inside GMail.


Donut Extension – Gmail


Donut Extension – Options – Gmail


Donut Extension – Call a person example – Gmail

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